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• 10/5/2016

Ore Monogatari ending sucks (MANGA SPOILER)

I'm really dissapointed of how Ore Monogatari ended. Well, i love it but... Really? Suna is single after all? I don't even got clearly the idea that if he's straight or maybe he's in love with Takeo.

I think that the anime is much better. I have to say that the manga was really boring about not having a REAL topic. I don't know, it's my favorite anime but the manga... i doubt it. :(

Really dissapointed... I don't know, not going to sleep tonight. 

The least thing that the mangaka can do is doing a spin off or maybe an epilogue about their future and first of all: Suna's future. 

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• 1/31/2018
I just finished the manga (and I have already watched the anime). And I feel exactly like you!
First of all, Suna's still single, he deserve someone... Yukika and Takeo were good, but they missing something. I totally ship him with a outgoing and warm-hearted girl or boy (like yukirin and tsuyoshi from nijiro days).
The latest chapters were the most boring of the entire manga and also the ending was like the mangaka run out of ideas.
I really enjoyed the story, so I'm a bit disappointing about it.
• 2/19/2018
You know, you sound really rude. The anime gave off multiple times he's straight. And even then, if you don't want a girlfriend, that doesn't mean you're gay. You're being homophobic.

You don't have to be in love either, dude. Sorry to burst your bubble, but not everyone wants to be in love, like Suna has said. :)
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