My Mountain
Episode 10
Episode Info
Kanji 俺の山
Romaji Ore no Yama
Air Date June 11, 2015
Episode Direction Kuratani Ryouichi
Storyboard Sayama Kiyoko
Screenplay Takagi Seiko
Animation Direction Yamashita Toshinari, Yokota Kazuhiko
Episode Chronology
Episode 9 Episode 11

My Mountain (俺の山, Ore no Yama) is the 10th episode of Ore Monogatari anime.



Takeo and Yamato head off to a mountain to have a picnic, but they lose their way. Takeo decides that his mission is to get Yamato home safe and sound, but Yamato's only thought is about how they have to spend the night together. Will they be able to return alive?


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