My Mom
Episode 19
Episode Info
Kanji 俺のかあちゃん
Romaji Ore no Kaa-chan
Air Date August 13, 2015
Episode Direction Fuchigami Makoto
Storyboard Fuchigami Makoto
Screenplay Takahashi Natsuko
Animation Direction Tamaki Rie, Kanemori Yoshinori, Haga Hitoshi, Kawada Izumi
Episode Chronology
Episode 18 Episode 20

My Mom (俺のかあちゃん, Ore no Kaa-chan) is the 19th episode of Ore Monogatari anime.

Characters Edit


Yamato tells Takeo that she forgot to give his mother a safe birth charm. They decided to head over to his house. When they arrived, Yuriko was cleaning the floor and Takeo grabs the cloth from her. She takes it back though. She then has to buy rice but Takeo offers his help to get the groceries. Yamato and Yuriko sit down and talk about men being weak. Yuriko talks about Takeo when he was younger. Takeo would get into all kinds of messes and Yuriko would scold or save him. Takeo comes back with the wallet empty and gets scolded by Yuriko. She then leaves for her monthly checkup when Yamato almost forgot to give her the charm. Yuriko then thanks her. Yuriko meets a woman who is also due soon at the hospital. She then tells the baby his/ her brother and mother are waiting. At home, she pours rice into a box but Takeo then takes the job. Yutaka then arrives home and offers to wash the bathtub. Yuriko walks home with groceries when Suna offers to take them. Yuriko claims everyone worries too much. Suna then says Takeo is a good man. Yuriko still refers Takeo as a child though. She then hopes that the baby will make good friends like Takeo did. In the morning, Yuriko decides to take a walk. Takeo and Yutaka offers to walk with her. But she refuses and leaves. Yutaka then explains to Takeo why he married Yuriko. Yuriko then meets the woman again on the walk. The woman was about to fall but Yuriko caught her but she felt the baby. She ignored it and went home. Takeo and Suna walk home talking about the gender of the baby. But Suna can't really imagine a girl without Takeo's face. He begins laughing at it. Takeo comes home to find his mother needing to get to the hospital. Takeo runs out and tries to find a taxi but can't find any. Suna comes out to see what all the panic is about. He calls a taxi and heads to the hospital with Takeo and Yuriko. When they arrived, she forgot her wallet and tells Takeo to go get it. Yuriko is hospitalized for a while. Takeo comes home when Yamato had came over when she heard about his mom. Yamato makes curry for everyone and then leaves. Takeo visits his mother daily. On a visit, his mother tells him to get some water for her when Yamato and Suna arrived. They all head to the room.  She is found in a pose needing to get a nurse. Suna calls for a wheelchair while Takeo is yelling at the baby to come out safely. The woman next to Yuriko needs a wheelchair too. Yuriko tells the nurse to take the lady first. Takeo carries Yuriko and tells the nurse to go. He follows the nurse. Yuriko delivers the baby. She decided to name her Maki. Takeo looks at Maki happily while Yamato is fangirling over how cute she is. Suna makes a comment and Takeo wouldn't mind her marrying Suna. They walk home wondering what Maki would call Takeo.