My Spring Break
Episode 23
Episode Info
Kanji うちの春休み
Romaji Uchi no Haruyasumi
Air Date September 10, 2015
Episode Direction Takahashi Tooru
Storyboard Sakata Jun`ichi
Screenplay Takagi Seiko
Animation Direction Haga Hitoshi, Kanemori Yoshinori, Sakurai Kunihiko, Katsuki Kunio, Wakatsuki Aiko
Episode Chronology
Episode 22 Episode 24

My Spring Break (うちの春休み, Uchi no Haruyasumi) is the 23rd episode of Ore Monogatari anime.



Mesmerized by the cakes of Ichinose, the handsome patissier, Yamato is having a blast at her summer part-time job.


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