My Boyfriend
Episode 04
Episode Info
Kanji うちの彼氏
Romaji Uchi no Kareshi
Air Date April 30, 2015
Episode Direction Fuchigami Makoto
Storyboard Takahashi Tooru
Screenplay Takahashi Natsuko
Animation Direction Kawada Izumi, Hamada Kunihiko
Episode Chronology
Episode 3 Episode 5

My Boyfriend (うちの彼氏, Uchi no Kareshi) is the 4th episode of Ore Monogatari anime.



Yamato's crush wasn't Sunakawa, but Takeo! Elated by having a girlfriend for the very first time, Takeo's heart is about to burst from happiness. But Takeo's true mettle is about to be tested when a major accident occurs during a singles meetup between his and Yamato's friends...


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