I'm Dense
Episode 05
Episode Info
Kanji 俺はニブイ
Romaji Ore wa Nibui
Air Date May 7, 2015
Episode Direction Habara Kumiko
Storyboard Sanjou Namimi
Screenplay Takagi Seiko
Animation Direction Shimada Satoshi, Matsumoto Fumio, Iwaoka Yuuko, Makino Nozomi
Episode Chronology
Episode 4 Episode 6

I'm Dense (俺はニブイ, Ore wa Nibui) is the 5th episode of Ore Monogatari anime.



Ai, Sunakawa's sister three years his senior, is shocked to learn during a home visit that Takeo is dating. Having secretly harbored feelings of her own for Takeo, Ai is suspicious of Takeo's girlfriend and launches her own investigation...


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