Osamu Kurihara
Osamu Kurihara

栗原 オサム


Kurihara Osamu



Professional Status

Nanako (Girlfriend)


High school student

Personal Status


First Appearance
Anime Debut

Episode 2

Japanese Voice

Jun`ya Enoki

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Osamu Kurihara (栗原 オサム, Kurihara Osamu)


Osamu is an average teenager with an afro and a thin build.

He is mostly seen in his school uniform.


He is a kind-hearted, emotional and excitable person who is loyal to his friends but dense when it comes to matters of the heart. Nonetheless, he is hard working and treasures those close to him particularly his girlfriend Nanako. He is somewhat of a coward when it comes to violence, but is willing to put himself in danger to further his relationship with Nanako.



Nanako- Kurihara develops a crush on Nanako after she glared at him for complimenting her legs; saying she was the one for her reaction. He and Nanako had exchanged contact information and would sometimes go on dates in private, Kurihara even holding her hand. Nanako develops feelings for him as well, but isn't quite convinced he really likes her. On Christmas, Kurihara climbs the karaoke bar's Christmas Tree and grabs the legendary star and confesses his feelings to her. She accepts and the two start dating. They had a faster progress than Takeo and Yamato, as they kissed on the night they got together and started referring to each other by first name and without honorifics very early in their relationship; they are additionally very lovey-dovey and often do their own thing separate from the group.


  • He becomes Nanako's boyfriend on Christmas in volume 5.
  • He originally referred to Nanako as "Nanako-chan," but once they begin dating, he just calls her "Nanako."

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